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I was looking for a way to make those store bought dino digs at home so that I could hide anything I wanted in it and also maybe make some for Christmas gifts for the kids friends. (What kid doesn’t like digging in dirt!) I came across a website that had exactly what I was looking for: Homemade Dig Receipe using just plaster of paris, sand, cinnamon and water.

We made our own dig block with a couple toys and some gems that we had gotten from a ‘panning for gold’ activity we got to do at a summer corn maze farm.


The blocks turned out great with the consistency that I was hoping for! I did not want them to just crumble in their fingers, I wanted them to be hard enough so they could use some tools for the dig.

They did make a big mess but I was prepared for that, hence the plastic lids they had to keep the blocks on. I also got them some paint brushes, a wash bucket and some water squirting syringes to keep them busy and having fun!


We had actually turned this into a bit of an experiment.

We were not sure if the mix would harden to the gems and toys and be too difficult to get off of them. So we decided that we would try different ways of covering the items. We put the little toys in plastic bags, a couple of gems coated in Vaseline and a couple of gems put in just the way they were.

We found:

Toys in the plastic bags: Were easy to get out and clean off

Gems with Vaseline: Too gunky and the mix actually was harder to clean off because the vaseline was hard to clean off

Gems with nothing on them: Worked out very well and no mix hardened onto them.


This was a wonderful activity and we will be making them again!!